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hurricane sandy is proof we need a powerful federal government, the fema to provide emergency management. the just makes sense. disaster across state lines who but the fed can help? the new york times declared a big star requires big government. very few politicians are skeptical. it is a relief to turn to ron paul. doctor, it is of myths that we need fema? >> i think so. it causes more harm than good. we handle plus a disasters 204 years before we had fema i have taken this position for a long time since the was first in office and i kept getting reelected because people were tired of fema. locked into insurance and it is a bureaucracy. they just takeover. john: across the fed line they have to have rolled? >> no. we should have real insurance. it causes many of the problems because they say you have to have insurance. they will noo sell it. that tells you it is too dangerous. soap rich people are subsidized by the poor people they have a good time the houses are washed away. john: before the storm the president held a press conference that the red cross. >> we are here because the red
as much of the east coast braces for historic mega storm. hurricane sandy is expected to come ashore near the delaware coast early tuesday. it's then expected to collide with two weather winter weather systems creating a hybrid monster storm. forecasters say a 800 mile swath of the country could see winds up to 50 miles an hour. several states have declared states of emergency and the federal emergency management agency is working with local officials to prepare for the storm. experts already predicting one billion dollars in damage. sand i did is responsible for 43 deaths across the caribbean, haiti and cuba. i'm arthel nevil. i'll see you back here at 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> jon: a little more than one week until election day. the media trailing a long in lock step. they spent a lot of time in iowa this week. in iowa, the "des moines register", big paper the one that endorsed president obama for president back in 2008 when he was a candidate covered the campaign and talked about how different they are. a stark contrast between the two campaigns. why? >> one contras
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)